This is a rubbish post

Last weeks class was pretty entertaining. I mean, usually when you hear a guest speaker is to come in and give you a talk for two hours that light in the brain automatically switches off. “I’ll coast this class”, few say it but many think it. However, the discussion we had with Dr. Renee Wever of TU Delft was very interesting. I’m calling it a discussion rather than a talk or a lecture as it never felt like he was talking down to us or spoon-feeding us any PC crap.

His degree is in sustainable packaging in design of products. More so, Renee is interested in influencing consumers and their littering habits through intelligent and sustainable packaging and design. One such example of the kind of products TU Delft are behind is the F-Hybrid Fuel Cell moped. We’re told it uses alternatives to batteries in the form of Hydrogen and Lithium-Ion cells. The product greatly reduces emissions, can certainly reach qualitative speeds as well as getting the consumer from A to B effectively.

Dr. Wever also had a couple of inside hints and tid-bits that definitely kept the discussion fresh. For instance, he talked about how certain car companies (Toyota, Ford) will preach to the high heavens about having one (singular) car model that is the epitome of green and eco-living. |t will reduce carbon footprints, improve capabilities, further the cars life and warranty, save you money and all this other crap. They say this so that they appear to have a “green” ethos, but behind closed doors the companies are already 95% of the way through production on their next top-of-line, gas-guzzling monstrosities known as SUV’s (plural). I agree wholeheartedly with Renee here, and i believe that appearance is everything in the fickle world of green living.

As the class wore on, Dr. Wever rejigged the whole class and formed groups of students together to brainstorm ideas. The ideas we were looking for, as we found out, were ways to alter a persons habits or behaviour through feedback and alterations in the landscape. We wanted to change someone’s (if only one) perception of cleanliness, litter and their green ethos. Behaviour adaptions proved most difficult; how do you alter someones habits without inducing fees or retaliation? Scripting seemed a better option. A good example of scripting is the speed bump. You, as a driver, don’t need to stop at them or even slow down, but the benefit doing so allows your suspension to take it easy and stay healthy.

So our idea was simple enough, reduce the size of layout pads used in our design modules to A3. This was purely for cyclists, and purely to encourage cycling around campus. If the layout pad sizes are reduced, it means the pads can now fit into a decent size ruck sack, which in turn allows for easier transportation when atop a bicycle. Instead of falling half off of a bike, while desperately clutching at the pad as well as the handle-bars, the pad can now fit in a bag that can sit neatly on your back. Boom! Job sorted kid.


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